How can you find out the current best sellers?

Easy – Ask SPEKS.

In fact, every day our customers ask

Since we deal with these items regularly, we know what’s popular and what’s not. Plus, because we get new products in daily we can see the latest trends. Furthermore, we know what works for different industries. For example, what works for contractors in Arizona might not work for a church in Scottsdale.

In any case, let’s go over our top 3 best selling specialty products.

Branded Apparel Isn’t Just For Superman

First of all, it doesn’t matter what type of business you have. Or, what position you hold. Corporate logo wear makes the right impression.

For example, a day on the golf course is a perfect place to wear embroidered polos or custom hats. In fact, branded apparel items are hot items for fundraisers. Fans love to show their support.

Screen printed custom t-shirts are one of our most popular items. Not only are they great for the field, but they’re also perfect for the office.

Contact SPEKS, for your logo wear needs. And we’ll be glad to go over your options.

3 Unique Uses Of Mugs, Cups & Drinkware

First of all, think about Starbucks. It’s not just about coffee. No, it’s brand recognition. Not only do they have cups and mugs, but they also rebrand them each season.

1. Let’s start with promotional travel mugs. These are excellent corporate gifts that work well in hand-made gift baskets. Besides coffee, add some delicious branded cookies.

2. Specialty tumblers have almost too many uses to list here. First of all, they’re handy in the office. No doubt because the lids keep electronics and computers safe from liquid spills!

Similarly, covered branded tumblers are a welcome sight at tradeshows, events, and conferences.

3. Lastly, and probably our most popular best sellers are water bottles. Undoubtedly eco-friendly water bottles are a hot item. From sports events to corporate gifts, you can’t go wrong.

Lend Me Your Pen, And I’ll Slip It In My Pocket

And of course, who doesn’t love a pen that writes smoothly? And a pen with a nice weight to it. Imprinting your brand on high-quality pens, pencils, and writing instruments is a smart marketing tool.

For example, you can use these best sellers for giveaways at tradeshows or corporate events. Or, you can give an impressive pen set as a thank you to your favorite clients.

SPEKS has a vast selection of custom specialty products. Contact us today for personal assistance.

“Your brand is your public identity, what you’re trusted for. And for your brand to endure, it has to be tested, redefined, managed and expanded as markets evolve. Brands either learn or disappear.”

Lisa Gansky

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