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The Valentine’s Day Issue

By February 8, 2018No Comments

Stay ahead of the game this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is upon us once more. Speks encourages you to recall the fond childhood memories of exchanging paper Valentines and doling out candy from your classmates. Now, fast-forward to present day and replace “classmates” with “clients” and “exchanging” with “giving.” You’ll see that things haven’t really changed!

Everyone enjoys being thought of, and companies that highlight the fun, small monthly holidays are always awarded with recognition. Think about a company whose blog you’ve seen where the whole office celebrated “National Pie Day.” Recall a competitor’s Instagram post where they had an inter-office celebration of Mardi Gras, complete with beads and feathered masks.

Celebrating the smaller holidays (like Valentine’s Day) gives your organization an edge on the others that do what you do. It showcases a fun-loving, easy-going side to your business that represents how you can work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone, but can ALSO lighten up and have fun!

That being said, Valentine’s Day provides a perfect branding opportunity. Do you have a sales team going out to see clients? Send them with branded candy hearts or a fun, light-up heart pen. All candy cases can be imprinted with your company logo or slogan, proving that while you’re thoughtfully thinking of your client with this token, they in turn will also be thinking of your company! The heart pen provides yet another opportunity to get your name and logo out there, even in the smallest show of distribution. Your client will not only feel appreciation at such a small gesture, but the memory and the action will stick with them. Come this time next year, they’ll pick up that light-up heart pen and be reminded of you.

Show your lighter-hearted side and dollop some joy into your client’s day with these small but effective items.





Do you have a client whose been with you from the start? Shown nothing but loyalty and support time and time again? Reward them for that with a quality, appreciation gift basket for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “Thank you for your support” like a basket full of truffles – particularly when they’re Godiva! The baskets are customizable to your needs and come gorgeously wrapped and are topped with a bow to add some serious wow factor.



Though we are past the holiday season, generosity and giving never goes out of style. Appreciation is a key part of office and client morale, and never goes unnoticed. Show your clients you care during every season with these seasonally appropriate giveaways and don’t let another branding opportunity fall by the wayside!