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Our goal is to create marketing and branding that is both professional and unforgettable.  We’ve had the honor of working with leaders in business. In addition, we’ve worked in many different industries including

  • financial services
  • healthcare
  • manufacturing
  • retail
  • services sectors

Plus, we’ve worked with many top tech and security companies. And, we’ve helped national franchise systems and publicly-traded home builders. In addition, our client list includes private and public universities. Lastly, we’ve done branding, marketing, and infographics for leading manufacturers.

Along with logo and print work, we also create branded promotional items. You can view more of our work in our portfolio too.

Graphic Design Work

Branding Southwest Center  Phoenix, AZ

Branding Speks AZ

Branding for Southwest Center was enjoyable.  They came to SPEKS when they need new branding. They were preparing to renovate their facility in Phoenix. It was 50,000 square feet.

Our branding solution was a play on their current logo. First, we incorporated the icon into the hard hat. Next, we tied in the blueprint theme to their branding.

As a result, their branding was unique. Their logo symbolizes and celebrates their work of Arizona’s largest medical home for HIV/AIDS support.

Branding & Logo Design High-Tech
Branding SPEKS Arizona

MIPLZ needed branding.  To begin with, MIPLZ stands for “More Information Please”. MIPLZ is a QR code generator. In other words, it connects QR codes to your product. Additionally, it’s quick and easy.   Because of that, you don’t need the help of programmers. You simply:

  1. Login,
  2. Next, upload video, pics or text,
  3. Then, generate the QR code and
  4. And finally, stick it to your product.

SPEKS created their logo design and branding.

Branding Stoneflow

portfolio logoLogo design was done for Stoneflow as well as branding. First of all, they are a cabinet and furniture company. They specialize in: concrete countertops and also one-of-a-kind functional art. For this reason, their branding and logo design had to look established and elegant.

Overall, Stoneflow worked with high-end clientele. And, because of that their logo design needed to reflect their clientele.

Print Design Work

Custom Stationery Presentation Booklet

Speks print workIn the beginning, Caliber Co. started out renovating homes in 2009. From there, they grew to a large firm.

They now have subsidiaries specializing in real estate, property management, asset acquisition, hospitality management, construction and accounting services.

Because of this, Calibers presentation material had to be flexible.  So, we created custom stationery. This included a 16-page customizable booklet. It also had an inside pocket for documents. As a result, documents could be changed when needed.

Custom Stationery Nexgen Process Booklet

Nexgen Process Booklet Print WorkIntroducing NextGen. They are a mobile media consultant agency. NextGen needed custom stationery. This included a process and company overview booklet. To start, we combined marketing and technology. Next, we included personal touches. The booklet featured:

  1. First, bright primary colors,
  2. Next, vibrant artistic concepts and,
  3. Lastly, a whimsy narrative.

The campaign was a success and resulted in measurable results.

Arizona Bank Economic Outlook Forum Invitation

Arizona Bank WorkEvery year, Arizona Bank & Trust asks for our help on their custom stationery and invitation. It’s our job to create a special invitation to their VIP clients.

The guest speaker for this forum was Dr. Stephen Happel. He’s Emeritus Professor of Economics at Arizona State University. His presentation covered the US economy and world trends. As a result, the invitation we created had a political theme.

  1. For example, we showed politicians trying to capture money with butterfly nets.
  2. Next, we added an American flag to the landscape.
  3. Finally, we kept all the colors Americana.
  4. In conclusion, the invitation was a success.

We’re looking forward to next years’ forum.

Exhibit Design Work

We’ve helped many clients with tradeshow exhibits. To begin with, we start with a good design. Next, we use quality materials. We work with our clients throughout the entire process. As an exhibitor, Speks helps you

  1. First off: get noticed
  2. Next: be remembered
  3. And most importantly: make sales

Trade Show Exhibit for International Company

Tradeshow exhibitLiquid Nutrition is a company from Canada. They provide nutritional drinks, fresh juices, and vitamins. Speks was contacted to help them with their trade show exhibit. Here’s what we created for them:

First, we created two retractable banners. Next, we designed a 10-foot pop-up display. This was printed on fabric. Finally, everything came together with a custom table cover. It was 8 feet long and full-color.

This is an example of the beautiful exhibit work we do. 

 The 41st Parameter Trade Show Marketing

This company provides solutions for detecting and preventing fraud. Moreover, they work across multiple channels. Most importantly, their clients are top recognizable brands. They came to SPEKS for trade show marketing.

We created a large exhibit booth display. It’s a retractable banner. And, it’s full color. We also created infographics. The marketing and event was a success!

Exhibit Booth for Vector One

Branding Trade Show Booths Scottsdale AZVector One is an interactive computer services provider. In short, they offer agent screening tools to the insurance industry. They came to SPEKS for their booth and infographic work. Most importantly, they wanted the design and branding to be professional and clean. We chose colors that would compliment each other. The navy, sky blue, grey, and white worked well together. The colors also went with their branding.

Vector One’s package consisted of

  1. A 4-panel “wave” pop-up display and
  2. A custom printed, full color 8 ft. table throw.

The client loved their exhibit booth. And, it certainly got attention at the event!

Infographics Work

Infographics SPEKS AZInfographics is an important piece of any marketing program.  That’s because consumers love them!

In fact, most people would rather read infographics than a long piece of text.



Infographics ScottsdaleInfographics work examples:

The high-tech industry is perfect for infographics. It’s eye-catching and easy to read.

“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immortals.”

–David Ogilvy










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