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Sleek Yet Functional: NEW Retail Inspired Drinkware

By April 18, 2018No Comments

Hottest drinkware styles for the hottest season

One of the hottest products to have your brand recognition spotlighted is drinkware. This simple product has turned into a lifestyle accessory. Retail trends for drinkware are ever changing and manufacturers are constantly competing for the best product in design, function, and price. The necessity to carry your beverage of choice has grown tremendously over the past 5 years. Whether plastic, aluminum, or glass, drinkware gurus are not only vamping up their designs and color palettes but also improving their printing capabilities.

Advanced up-and-coming technology allows us to imprint around the entire bottle without having a gap or seam between the artwork. While the main benefit of this print style is maximizing your available branding space, your project will also emit a fashion-forward retail look. Stock designs are available, but the large design area will provide the opportunity to get creative and WOW all of your present and future clientele!


A trend to keep your eye on this year is glass drinking bottles. Taking advantage of the opportunity to brand on glass offers an elegance to drinkware that is unsurpassable in the industry. Try out mirror-printing – a newer technology that allows the consumer to view the branded artwork from the inside as well as the outside of the bottle! Creating a cool piece with the mirror print is guaranteed to impress your clients and adds depth and creativity to your swag. Another tested technique that is sure to make your brand stand out is using a satin etch ink on glassware, which presents the effect that the bottle has been etched without damaging the glass. The satin etch ink provides a professional dimension to popular drinking vessels.

New bottle styles are filling the shelves at your local retail stores, as the demand continues to grow. Commonly spotted amongst celebrities, drinkware is not only being used for function, but also for fashion. Manufacturers are working constantly and diligently in ramping up their creativity, hoping to stay on top of the “next big thing.” Many are succeeding in providing comparable designs, functionality, and technology. Contigo, one of the leading quality drinkware brands on the market, offers their popular styles in short and tall bottles to compliment any logo. RTIC has released new fashion forward styles, such as the 36 oz and 64 oz insulated bottles, which are very functional and have a large branding area.

Our lifestyles may change and trends may evolve, but one aspect to life that will never change is the use of re-usable drinkware. The opportunity for maximum brand visibility is accessible. Blow your fanbase out of the water by using unique and trending branding technologies when designing and purchasing drinkware.